Thinking of a fundraising event?


Help defeat Alzheimer’s and related dementias by turning games you love or activities you do into fundraising events for Baycrest.

Play 4 Brain Health to help defeat dementia.


How will you play?

When you set out to raise funds for Baycrest, there are basically no limitations. Once you have your idea, you simply set up your fundraising page and start planning.

How will you play for brain health? Here are eight ideas to get you started:

friends bowling

Play 5 or 10 Pin!  Since we were kids, a bowling party has never grown old. It’s an excellent way to host a fundraising event for family, friends or colleagues.

friends playing card games

Have a regular poker, mahjong or euchre night? Turn the “winnings” into a fundraiser for Baycrest! Or, host a card game party and invite guests to learn from an expert player.

Friends having food together

Play with food! One really fun way to entertain – or be entertained – is to host a cooking class at home with a professional chef.  Or, play chef and invite people over for a meal featuring brain healthy foods.

Characters playing games together

Playing board games can get pretty competitive! Why not make it a tournament with entry fees that go toward research, care, innovation and education at Baycrest?

band playing music

Play live! Host a live music night and dedicate a portion of ticket sales to Baycrest. This in one of the easiest and popular events to set up. Some locations even offer discounts for charitable events.

Person exercising

Cycling and other exercise is a prescription for healthy brains as we age. Challenge yourself to 200 KMs in one month and receive pledges.

professional photoshoot

Who doesn’t want a portrait of themselves or their family?  Use your creative photography skills and donate some of the proceeds to Baycrest.

Person going for an ice dip

Play in the cold! Feeling like a dare?  Polar plunges are popular and you can collect dares on social media, with funds going straight to Baycrest via your personal page.

Plus, a gazillion other ideas that you can think of.

Remember to share your event and tag us at #gameoverdementia #defeatdementia #baycrest


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Two next steps to get your game on

1. Set up your personal fundraising page

Rather than going through other online charitable giving websites, you can set one up here and all donations go straight to Baycrest under your name as a result of your initiative.

Once you register for free, you can customize your message based on the fundraiser you will be doing.

2. Put yourself out there

Share the link to your personal page and the reason you are playing for brain health via social media and email.

People can see your progress, and who has donated to you, just by posting the link on your social media channels.

And importantly don’t forget to share pictures and video of your fundraising event with a personal thank you message. This cause was important to you and your supporters will appreciate seeing your fundraising goals fulfilled.

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